Mission and Vision


To bring all the sections of society on a common platform by providing the equal opportunities of development and spreading awareness of various governmental beneficial schemes among the masses.

  • What is it and Why SearchSchemes.com is created ??

In a country like India where one problem is linked with the other and the chain goes on, the only way to control the situations is the centralized operation of all the schemes with an allocation of small units for the execution at various places.

All the Government Schemes introduced by Madhya Pradesh government are very finely classified and TG oriented. To know the details of the MP Government Schemes and their procedure for applying, one can visit www.SearchSchemes.com where information is provided in a simplistic manner for making it widespread among common man. One can know about any scheme in Hindi or English as per the convenience of language.

This website is initiative of Kiran Seva Nyas to provide all the Central Government and Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes on single platform and to spread the awareness & benefits of government schemes. Search Schemes aim to involve individuals in its mission by connecting with them on social channels and encouraging them to extend their helping hand for the people in touch with them. With a research it is found that every individual is connected with atleast five people whom he/she can help just by sharing the information of government schemes. It can be himself/herself, a family member, a friend, peon in office, maid at home, liftman at the office or home, watchman in the colony, security guard, milkman, etc.

Passing on the information is the best way to spread the benefits among the right & needy people. Usually people who are in need don’t have awareness about the schemes and thus, wrong people take the benefits. So, it is very important that every individual must know what government is doing for his/her benefits.

The only hope for betterment in the society and country is to connect every individual for a revolution, spread the awareness and make the most out of the government schemes for bringing equality in nation and removing social evils.


Search Schemes envisage a better, brighter and befitting India in terms of development, opportunities and countrymen respectively, in every sphere and sector.

  • How Search Schemes has helped?

‘One kind word can change someone’s day & one kind act can change someone’s life!’

With this simple motto Kiran Seva Nyas started SearchSchemes.com and today it has changed many lives in state of MP. It is an effort to spread the information and application procedure of all the Madhya Pradesh & Central Government Schemes to the masses. Its main objective is to provide benefits of government schemes to the needy people and bring a change in society.

We believe that with the right implementation of government schemes a big contribution could be made in development of the nation. Thus, 400+ schemes are collected from different authentic sources and gathered at one place to bring them in effect.

People of all the sections like rural, urban, OBC, SC, ST, girls, illiterate, literate, below poverty line and kids, will surely get the advantage through this initiative. We believe that informing youth and making them aware of various government schemes will help the people they meet in their day to day life like watchman, milkman, peon or maid.

  SearchSchemes.com is also having information of education, health, employment & scholarship schemes which is beneficial for youth. Thus, site is beneficial for youth and making them part of this cause in spreading the benefits of Government Schemes. Our Mantra – ‘Think of sharing these schemes with one person every day and you will see the changing lives around you.’ After all change is a process and we are initiator.