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India is a populous country with extreme of people from various walks of life. Search Schemes is the juncture which brings all the people at one point and gives them advantages provided by the government for satiating primary needs of the masses. Search Schemes is a medium for commuting schemes which are endowed by State and Central government and are available for the purpose of helping every person from any strata in any and every sphere. More than 400 schemes are available under State and Central government with just a click. Every citizen in the Democratic country is entitled to lead a comfortable life. And the government has taken the responsibility of doing the needful and aid the citizen. To make the functionally smooth process and increase the reach, Search Schemes serve as a channel for making people aware of the fruits they can reap for their own benefits.

SearchSchemes.com is an eportal where 400+ state & central government schemes are explained in both Hindi and English along with the applying process for them. Here people can understand the scheme, its objective and applying procedure clearly. This vital information should be shared with everyone for mass benefit and betterment of society in all respects.

  • Our initiatives for our nation to promote information communication technology(ICT) in rural areas through www.searchschemes.com

We all know that government wants to make sure that all the benefits from government schemes should reach individuals and deserving class but there have been a lack of medium via which all these information can be shared with the fraternity and thus Internet being a 24×7 available medium we thought of creating an online platform from where Individuals can look for information in much simpler and easily accessible format which can enable them to take advantages of all these schemes. Though these schemes are also available on government sites also but doesn’t always reach the needful and also there have been lack of Search Engine Presence Management for an individual to search it on Search Engines and thus access it on the fly. We have also observed that Internet isn’t available to few classes of society because of lack of awareness etc. and thus we have tried running banners on various social sites to promote it via a channel, like when a grown up sees these banners on sites which provokes them to help one individual atleast by asking them their Caste/Class and then helping them find relevant schemes, this becomes like a free-hand help for them to help the society without putting anything directly from their pockets..

the process is simple –
Search for Schemes on SearchSchemes.com by different genere and then apply for the same in relevant departments, we have also provided a helpline number that helps the user to directly talk to an individual from our call center who further helps them to explore more about these schemes and also help them to enroll for it..